KeyREADY Living

Residential Services

KeyREADY Living is a licensed residential services agency designed to specifically to cater to serving the immediate housing needs for adults with IDD in North Texas.  We strive to implement families’ individual residential plans to best offer community inclusion and independence for these under-served individuals. 

Our suite of services is structured to offer a holistic approach to finding or creating inclusive living environments for these empowered and dynamic individuals. 



Housing Sales & Leasing

If your housing options include purchasing a home – either individually or with others – KeyREADY Living holds a Texas state real estate sales agent license through its brokerage, CAL REI Group, and can serve as your representative agent in any sale or purchase of a single-family or multi-family residence.  If you prefer a leasing model, we can also serve in identifying appropriate tenant openings in third-party owned properties and completing the lease application process on your behalf.  Pricing of services is based on traditional real estate sales commissions as is typical in the sale or purchase of a property.  In most cases, but not all, the sales agent seeks to obtain payment of the commission from the seller, landlord or their agents.               


Property Management

In addition in representing clients in home sales or leasing transactions, through its brokerage CAL REI Group, KeyREADY Living is licensed to provide property management services for property owners to offer their best service to this exceptional community. 

We understand parents' and guardians’ wishes to enjoy the benefits of their loved one’s independent living without being burdened with acting as a landlord.  We also understand that some property owners prefer specialized day-to-day management of their property vs. providing property management on their own. 

Given this need, KeyREADY Living's Property Management Services include, but are not limited to:

  • 24 Hour Emergency Communication
  • Rent Collection
  • Mortgage Payments
  • Monthly Account Statements
  • Tenant Placement
  • Maintenance & Repairs
  • Vendor Management
  • Landscaping Services

KeyREADY Living sets itself apart from other property management companies in that special care and consideration is taken due to understanding that extra service is required to best serve residents.  Examples include making special accommodations as to not disturb resident’s daily schedules with unannounced or unsupervised repair service appointments or being sensitive to some residents’ auditory sensitivities.  For routine maintenance or unexpected repairs, we also only use qualified vendors who are experienced and have been vetted to provide the same level of considerate services as KeyREADY Living.     

Pricing for property management services follows industry standards that are typically calculated as a percentage of monthly rental income or budget.  Routine maintenance and repairs performed by third-party vendors are incremental charges and are managed through KeyREADY Living.     


Adaptive Renovations

If you’ve already identified an appropriate property that simply needs some updating, KeyREADY Living can advise and execute on any necessary adaptive renovations prior to resident move-ins.  We serve as general contractors and oversee the hiring of approved vendors experienced in modifying homes for residents’ utmost comfort.  

CPSH Neighborhood Homes℠ Program

In order to better serve your housing needs, KeyREADY Living is proud to announce our partnership with the Community for Permanent Supported Housing to establish the Neighborhood Homes℠ program.  For more on our partnership with CPSH, please visit URL.  

KeyREADY Living™ is a licensed real estate group, within the CAL REI Group brokerage, that can offer CPSH Parents services such as:

  • Property Selection – Guidance on selecting a property (including off-market, unlisted properties)
  • Financial Analysis – On properties to determine break-even or positive equity
  • Purchase of Property – Negotiate purchase price and offer on your behalf
  • Closing – Facilitate issues that may come up in closing
  • Tenant Selection – In coordination with CPSH, facilitate finding appropriate tenants
  • Leasing as Neighborhood Home – Drawing up leases and vetting tenants’ co-signers, if applicabl
  • Renovations – Overseeing any renovations or repairs prior to move-in
  • Leasing to General Public – Initially leasing out the property to the general public if tenants are not ready to move in right away
  • Property Management – Overseeing all daily & monthly duties, such as rent collection, emergency repairs, landscaping, of managing the property
  • Federal Assistance Applications – Assistance in applying for federally-funded (HUD) housing vouchers

Created out of a family member’s frustration in finding quality independent housing for her nephew, KeyREADY Living™ is specifically for parents of adults with disabilities.  From personal experience, we understand the special needs and quality services that you deserve. 

We want to help you realize your dream of independent housing for your adult child NOW.  Don’t hesitate to schedule a complimentary consultation today!

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Complimentary Consultation

The end goal is universal -- a safe and happy home for your loved one.  But where do you start? 

In order to better get to know you or your loved one and your needs, KeyREADY Living offers a complimentary initial consultation to orient you to the housing options that can best serve your long-term needs. 

Following an initial consultation, clients walk away with:

  • Education – A better understanding of how to implement your preferred housing options.
  • Action Plan – A general plan and timeline of implementation.
  • Finances – An idea of the financial investment needed to make your individualized plan of independent living into a reality.