KeyREADY Living

Why KeyREADY Living?

KeyREADY Living is a licensed residential services agency designed to specifically to cater to serving the immediate housing needs for adults with disabilities, including IDD, in North Texas.  We strive to implement families’ individual residential plans to best offer community inclusion and independence for these under-served individuals. 

We aim to offer a holistic approach to deliver individualized service.  Every resident’s situation is unique.  Therefore, there is no “one-size-fits-all” model. 

Whether it is a neighborhood home with roommates or living independently in an apartment with occasional assistance, residents and families know which option is best for their individual and unique circumstances.   

KeyREADY Living also collaborates with affordable housing developers, local and city officials, non-profit organizations and advocacy groups to develop permanent and affordable housing communities that include adults with disabilities and IDD in North Texas. 



Who Do We Serve?


Those who have been diagnosed with a disability or IDD prior to their 22nd birthday

Primary Caregivers

Parents – Parents of adult children with a disability or IDD age 18+

Guardians – Appointed guardians of an adult with IDD age 18+

Property Owners

Investors – Existing or potential Multi-Family (MF) or Single-Family Residence (SFR) property owners who are interested in leasing their property to adults with disabilities or IDD

Developers – Existing or potential Single-Family Residence (SFR) or Multi-Family (MF) property developers who are interested in developing property that include adults with disabilities or IDD

Partners such as

Non-Profit Advocacy Groups – Groups such as Community for Permanent Supported Housing (CPSH) dedicated to advocating and educating the general public on the need for community-based housing for adults with disabilities or IDD in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area. 

Service Providers – Third-party providers, such as OTs, PTs, or agencies, who deliver community- or home-based assistance with activities of daily living (ADL) to adults with disabilities or IDD.  Activities of daily living can include bathing and grooming, dressing, meal preparation and eating, grocery shopping, doing laundry, navigating transportation or managing money. 

Housing Authorities – Municipal or other local services that helps provide affordable housing to low-income families or individuals through housing assistance programs

Employers – Employers seeking for assistance to secure housing for their employees with disabilities or IDD.

Frequently Asked Questions - FAQs

Do you work with families on creating their independent living plan?

No, KeyREADY Living focuses on finding specific housing for individuals with disabilities once their independent living plan has been created.  If you haven’t decided yet on whether an apartment or a house with roommates is right for you, we recommend that you work with an organization that is specially trained to help you with that process.  Community for Permanent Supported Housing (CPSH) is an organization we recommend you start with in helping determine your living plan.  For more information on CPSH, please visit the Resources section. 

Are you an Assistance with Daily Living (ADL) service provider? 

No, KeyREADY Living is not an ADL service provider, however, we partner with licensed ADL service providers to create an independent living environments for our clients.     

What if I already have an ADL service provider that I’m using?  Can I still use this same service provider in my new home? 

Yes, KeyREADY Living encourages clients to use their existing service provider if they are happy with their service.  KeyREADY Living does not require you to use one service provider over another.  It is completely up to the client on who they would like to use. 

Does KeyREADY Living charge rent? 

No, KeyREADY Living is a real estate agency which assists in finding and securing living arrangements for clients.  Once a client has signed a lease and moved in, the client pays rent directly to the property’s owner, similar to any leasing arrangement.

What are the fees for your services? 

KeyREADY Living, through its brokerage, CAL REI Group, is a licensed Texas real estate agency.  As such, our fee structure is exactly how any real estate agency is structured, in which we are compensated through sales and leasing commissions.  Our property management services are traditionally a percentage of the monthly rental income, in addition to costs associated with the property’s routine maintenance and repairs. 

I am a homeowner and would like to rent out my property.  How can KeyREADY Living help? 

We can help you find appropriate tenants and provide you with ongoing property management services like rent collection, 24 hr. response to housing emergencies and management of maintenance and repair vendors. 

Does KeyREADY Living provide “day services” for clients? 

Since KeyREADY Living is not an ADL service provider, we do not provide “day services” for any clients.  However, we can recommend and refer you to appropriate service providers who can best serve those needs. 

Does KeyREADY Living accept Medicaid? 

No, KeyREADY Living does not accept Medicaid as that assistance cannot be used toward residential housing services.  However, we can work with government-issued housing vouchers and SSI, which can help offset housing costs for our clients.  For more information, please see U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development in the Resources section.