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Are You A Real Estate Investor?

Currently, there exists a large gap in meeting the immediate housing needs of a large percentage of adults with IDD in North Texas.  It is a housing crisis that no one is addressing in a conventional supply-and-demand market model.  KeyREADY Living is looking to partner with interested investors in supplying housing solutions to this under-served and overlooked consumer base. 

What Is the Need?

“What will happen when I’m no longer here to take care of my loved one?”

It’s an agonizing question that keeps all parents or guardians of adults with intellectual or developmental disabilities (IDD) up at night.  As the caregiving population ages and nears their senior years, there are no immediate answers that families can count on. 

According to Texas Workforce Investment Council, there are 3.4 million individuals – or 13 percent of the population – with disabilities in Texas. 

Out of that population, there are approximately 500,000 individuals in Dallas, Collin, Tarrant and Denton counties who have cognitive, self-care or independent living disabilities (Source: People With Disabilities - A Texas Profile)

Statewide, about 70% of these individuals live at home with a family caregiver. 

However, out of the percentage who live at home, approximately 35% live with caregivers aged 41-59 while 20% live with caregivers over 60.

Therefore, in the next 10-20 years, 55% of adults with IDD (or approximately 167,000) will lose their primary caregiver and the only family home they’ve ever known.  In the 20-40 years, that number will skyrocket to over 300,000. 

How will our community address this coming housing crisis? 

What is the Investment Model?

To address this immediate need, KeyREADY Living, in conjunction with a third-party licensed service provider to assist with activities of daily living, offers investors a turnkey investment opportunity.  

Investors who typically lease their properties to someone who fits the typical tenant profile would be better served leasing to this consistent and long-term occupancy market.  Due to their unique circumstances, adults with IDD do not have a high level of turnover, ensuring that your property investment is being occupied by long-term, conscientious residents. 

Additionally, residents typically have a parent or guardian serve as a co-signer on a lease, adding a level of risk management against tenant delinquencies.  Parents or guardians also have a vested interest in maintaining the property and are another level of accountability in reporting any issues with the home. 

Service Providers

KeyREADY Living works with existing service providers who provide daily – and in some cases, 24 hour – care or assistance with activities of daily living that can include bathing and grooming, dressing, meal preparation and eating, grocery shopping, doing laundry, navigating transportation or managing money.  Residents typically receive these community-based services in the home and are paid directly by residents’ private financial resources or the Texas Medicaid Waiver Program.

We can find the best service provider partner for your property to ensure that it meets the unique needs of your prospective tenants.      

Tenant Placement Assistance

Due to strong partnerships with IDD advocacy groups, KeyREADY Living has the ability to market available properties and vacancies directly to this eager market.  Marketing is highly targeted and we can offer tenant placement assistance to ensure that the property is maximizing the return on investment with a consistently full occupancy rate.      

Voucher Programs

There is an opportunity for investors to take advantage of federal and local funding to secure a portion of the property’s monthly rental income.  Various North Texas housing authorities will work with property owners to secure rental assistance vouchers that are tied to the property – not the tenant. 

Vouchers can be used to guarantee up to 70% of the fair market rate if the property exclusively caters to adults with intellectual or developmental disabilities.  The remaining 30% would be provided by the tenant’s government-funded subsidy. 

KeyREADY Living offers consulting services in terms of applying for a federally or state-funded property voucher as well as provide ongoing compliance to retain it. 

For more information on the available voucher program, please visit the Community for Permanent Supported Housing’s web site: