About KeyREADY Living

KeyREADY Living is a licensed residential services agency dedicated to creating inclusive and independent housing environments for adults with disabilities or intellectual and developmental disabilities (IDD) in North Texas. 

KeyREADY Living was created as a social enterprise business, meaning that we're using a market-driven approach to help solve a community problem or address a critical unmet need in society.  

Currently, there exists a large gap in meeting the immediate needs of a large percentage of adults with disabilities or IDD in North Texas.  It is a housing crisis that no one is addressing in a conventional “supply-and-demand” real estate market model.  KeyREADY Living was founded specifically to address this need. 

KeyREADY Living holds a Texas state real estate sales agent license through its brokerage, CAL REI Group, and can serve as your representative agent in any sale or purchase of a single-family or multi-family residence. 

In addition in representing clients in housing sales or leasing transactions, through its brokerage CAL REI Group, KeyREADY Living is licensed to provide property management services for property owners to offer their best service to this exceptional community.